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Facts About Inmotion

  • InMotion Hosting, Inc is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • In business and providing hosting since 2001.
  • InMotion Hosting, Inc has earned 3 out of 3 Stars from CNET to become a CNET Certified Service Provider.
  • 100% Dell Servers

Dedicated Hosting Plans:

There is a fine art, as well as an exact science to dedicated servers and dedicated hosting. Where many companies out there can provide you with a server with benchmark standards, many of those boxes are simply slapped together servers that actually cost you time and money in non-productivity when they go down. InMotion uses 100% Dell Servers with true 24/7 support ? InMotion doesn?t just hit the benchmarks, it sets them.

InMotion's best valued dedicated server plan is the Advanced Dedicated Hosting with a 3GB CPU cache and 4GB Memory. Not only that, but they throw in a two 250GB HDD for volumes of storage. The possibilities are endless, and what kind of throughput do you get on a monthly basis for $229.00 a month? Try 2TB, that?s 2,000GB of transfer ? operating under your 10 dedicated IP addresses that come with the plan. You can?t find a better deal, or more reliable servers, OR host!

Technical and Customer Support:

InMotion is a CNET Certified Service Provider and has won many awards in the last few years for best dedicated host, as well as for customer support and technical assistance. With true 24/7 live customer support, your questions will have answers to them at the fastest speeds. There?s no other company that we can recommend higher than InMotion for service and quality.


Dedicated hosting from InMotion comes complete with a 30 day money back guarantee, 100% Dell Premium Servers, and an industry leading 2-Hour Hardware Replacement program.

You are free to take over the world with powerful dedicated hosting. Upgrade to the Elite Dedicated Hosting plan for five more IP addresses, that's 15 IP Addresses total - all with no set up fees and an individual custom firewall. InMotion, aint nothing like them!

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User's Web Hosting Reviews: InMotion Hosting Dedicated Servers

Date: Nov 02,09
Hosting Plan: Advanced Dedicated Hosting
Technical Support
Customer Support
Relaibility & Uptime
Price and Value
Average Rating: [5.00]

We Chose Inmotion

My company chose to go with Inmotion for our dedicated hosting after comparing their package specifications to the other hosts we were considering. While many of the features are identical to other providers, we were sold on the full CPanel license, 2 hour hardware replacement and the 10 dedicated IP addresses. With our site containing our web store, plus two other sites that we maintain as sister competitive domains, we really needed the separate dedicated IP solution. We also loved the BBB Accreditation and CNET’s thumbs up to them too. We’ve been running on the Inmotion dedicated server Advanced plan now for three months and are extremely pleased with the performance and the immediate responses that we get to any of our questions to the help desk. My company and I highly recommend Inmotion Hosting dedicated servers.

Buy Advanced Dedicated Hosting from InMotion Now.

This Review written by Roger S - PC Clinics, MA. Read more reviews by Roger S - PC Clinics, MA

Date: Nov 03,09
Hosting Plan: Essential Hosting
Technical Support
Customer Support
Relaibility & Uptime
Price and Value
Average Rating: [5.00]

So Long VPS, Hello Dedicated

I’ve been a collocation hosting customer for years because I like the hands on approach to managing my web sites and server. The cost of upgrading and finding the time to perform maintenance plus disrupting my service was getting to be a pain. I switched to a dedicated server and have it completely monitored and maintained by InMotion. InMotion keeps my server at peak performance and unlike my server whose power supply continually went out – this server has been flawless. I spend more time running my site and communicating with customers now, and less time in the datacenter. I still get full range to control the server the way I want without being limited like with shared or vps hosting plans. I’m spoiled and I like it.

Buy Essential Hosting from InMotion Now.

This Review written by Kathy E. Read more reviews by Kathy E.

Date: Nov 03,09
Hosting Plan: Elite Dedicated Hosting
Technical Support
Customer Support
Relaibility & Uptime
Price and Value
Average Rating: [5.00]

Customer For Life

My company actually switched from InMotion’s VPS hosting to their dedicated server plan, Elite. We get an extra 5 dedicated IPs with this plan, plus more transfer and a RAID fault tolerant hard drive setup. While we do pay more per month for this new hosting plan the benefits outweigh the costs ten fold. The all-Dell servers and 2 hour hardware replacement are crucial – plus whenever our admin has questions they get him answers right from the datacenter floor. Personalized service is important to me personally and I appreciate all the hard work and effort that InMotion provides. They have a customer for life as far as I’m concerned.

Buy Elite Dedicated Hosting from InMotion Now.

This Review written by Josh L – I.B.S.. Read more reviews by Josh L – I.B.S.

Essential Hosting Plan
  • $199.95 / mo.
  • Pentium Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • 1MB CPU Cache
  • 2GB Memory
  • 160GB Disk Space
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
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Advanced Hosting Plan
  • $229.95 / mo.
  • Pentium 2 Core Duo 2.53 GHz
  • 3MB CPU Cache
  • 4GB Memory
  • 250GB Disk Space
  • 10 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • More Information
Elite Hosting Plan
  • $299.95 / mo.
  • Quad Core Xeon 2.40 GHz
  • 2x4MB CPU Cache
  • 8GB Memory
  • 250GB Disk Space
  • 15 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • More Information
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