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In addition to award winning technical support and 99.9% uptime, PowWeb's exclusive Speed Zone technology helps keep your website and email fast by locating your data as close to you as possible.

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Facts About PowWeb

  • PowWeb has been providing award-winning hosting since 1999.
  • PowWeb is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has agreed to the Bureau's membership standards, which include a commitment to ethical business practices.
  • PowWeb uses its own state-of-the-art hardware. All of our servers are company-owned and operated.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hosting Plans:

Powweb did not invent Load Balancing and Redundancy, but they are definitely on the front lines of perfecting its implementation regarding web hosting. The infrastructure at Powweb is a remarkable thing, with taking Load Balancing to the furthest extents, and limiting traffic bearing on servers, communication and flow are efficient and taking full advantages of all throughputs available. Internal redundancy makes outages and wearing equipment a non-issue. If a device goes down at any point in the chain from backbone to DNS, a separate tunnel is already available to allow traffic to continue with no disruption. Powweb removes the concept of "single point of failure" and has created the network of success.

Learn More about PowWebTechnical and Customer Support:

Innovative is a great word to describe Powweb and their Support. Of course Powweb gives 24/7 customer and technical support, and they also have excellent tutorials and knowledgebases, but unlike other hosts they also have "Additional Resources".

Additional Resources includes available downloads that you may or may not have already known about featuring web authoring and file transfer tools. You'll also find links to other web sites like Web Monkey, because Powweb understands that while you can find and deliver the information your clients need, the source of that information can't always be you. Confidence is a great thing in hosting.


Hold on to your seats, you're boarding the 488 Express! $4.88 per month earns you UNLIMITED storage and transfer. (This plan is suited up with that famous Load Balanced Technology.)

You also get Website Access and Control Panel for DNS management, web-based file manager, and instant installation of valuable and free scripts and applications like WordPress.

Visit PowWeb for top rated web hosting.

User's Web Hosting Reviews: Powweb

Date: Nov 02,09
Hosting Plan: One Plan, One Price
Technical Support
Customer Support
Relaibility & Uptime
Price and Value
Average Rating: [5.00]

Load Balanced Or Not - Look At The Price

This host has everything all the other hosts in this top ten list has, except for the price.

Like many of the others you can get the simple 3 month deal for $53.31. So you get the unlimited hosting and domains etc. However if you look a little lover, for $58.56 you get a full YEAR of hosting!

The difference is setup fee and lower per month rate because of the year long commitment. IT'S WORTH IT!

This plan even comes with several shopping art options and the load balanced infrastructure that they boast about. My site has never gone down so it must work!

I give this host five thumbs up!

Buy One Plan, One Price from Powweb Now.

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