Enhance.com Review

Enhance.com was recently changed to Marchex Adhere, but the program has remained the same. First off, you have two options to select from when you visit the company's website. You can select to get targeted pay per click search and local traffic designed for advertisers, or for those who are a national advertiser, choose the other option which allows you to increase brand awareness and a larger, premium audience. For the second option, there is a $100 fee.

What's The Difference?

When you choose to go with the first option for pay per click search, you do get to advertise on some of the top search websites as well as the local sites. This includes YourStreet, AdBrite, VeriSign, and Lat49. Additionally, this can help you increase your unique visitors each month. When you join this program, you get access to Marchex's Open List. The open list provides you with more than 32 million visitors (unique visitors) each month. This is also one of the largest local search networks, which means for those in smaller areas, it is a prime tool to use.

There is national coverage in terms of advertising for some categories here. This includes shopping, personal finance, real estate niches, autos and insurance niches, as well as one of the most popular: travel.

For those looking for a more national audience, the second option is a better choice. You will be able to advertise on more than 200 of the top publisher sites today. This includes sites like Bankrate.com, PC World, The Motley Food, Fool.com, BusinessWeek and RealtyTrac. On this side of the coin, you also get the benefits of keyword targeting, category and site-specific tools. Coverage includes areas such as business, education, travel, real estate, information technology, finance, and others.

IN either case, Endure.com gives you some excellent set up tools. They will walk you through some simple questions, helping you to determine where your needs can be met. Once you choose your location, you spend a few extra minutes creating your ad, this includes a headline, description, display URL and a destination URL. The company provides you with resources to help you produce a high quality ad, and then it gives you options. It gives you suggestions about keywords, helps you to find the right terminology to create your ad then asks you to set a budget.

One of the best features about Endure.com is how easy it is to use. You can create an ad that really drives traffic with just a few minutes of work. What's more, the company gives you information and tips on how to optimize what you are providing so that the best information is always given.

For those who are looking for ads that deliver and that want help getting the budget and maximum costs possible, this tool is one of the best to choose. It takes only a few minutes to set up and start using and gives you regular results. Try it out first to be sure it is right for you.

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