What Does Broadband Offer Over Dial Up?

Description: There are so many choices when it comes to getting connected to the internet now that it can be tempting to just pick the best priced deal and hope for the best. But if you are wondering whether to go for dial up or broadband it's worth finding out more before you make the leap for either one.

On the face of it, dial up internet seems like a better deal since it works using your existing telephone connection. Whenever you need to go online, you simply dial up on your internet connection and off you go.

But in reality things are very different. While broadband connections may take a little while to set up properly and you may need additional connections coming into your home, once it's set up and ready to run it's always on and it doesn't tie up your phone line like dial up does.

The real difference comes when you look at what kind of speed you'll get. Even the slowest broadband service is likely to be several times faster than any dial up access you could get. If you are going to be downloading files from the internet then broadband is virtually essential.

The other big advantage with broadband is the fact that it's digital. This makes it far more versatile than the analog dial up service, which is aging and limited at best. If you want to watch videos and download files quickly then you really do need broadband.

Of course all this does come at a price, but in truth although the cost of broadband is a little more than dial up services will set you back, you will notice that you get far more in the way of benefits for your money. Although it has been reported that the speed of your internet connection isn't normally as fast as advertised, it still leaves dial up connections trailing in the dust.

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