For those looking for a new ISP, you may want to see what can offer to you. As a leader in the field, you will get some of the best features available to you today. Keep in mind that the best way to save money using is to bundle your services together. Their high-speed internet is available with cable and telephone service (digital phone) in many areas. If available and needed this may be a good option to saving money.

What Does It Offer? provides you with what you need. They specialize in providing fast service to you, high levels of security as well as many of the tools you need to be able to use the Internet as you wish to do so. They provide you with the ability to send video mail, watch video clips without any slow down and provide you with exclusive click and play features. This is called their Fan Video Player. In addition, users are given some of the best ranked security features including McAfee and 24 hour, 7 day a week customer service to all paying customers.

Who Is This Company? is a well known ISP provider. The company was first founded in 1963 as a single system cable provider. The company boasts one of the largest providers of cable service today. They offer broadband cable., content and commerce solutions for those who need them. The company also offers a number of digital services. This gives them the ability to provide a faster Internet service with a clearer broadband phone service. One of the important things to remember about Comcast is that the company is continuously expanding and looking for new services all the time.

In terms of features, you will find is one of the best resources for information and service management available. You also get their Fan Video Player, Video Mail, Rhapsody Radio PLUS, PhotoShow and Disney Connection. In terms of virus protection, you do get McAfee, one of the top Internet protection providers. This includes McAfee Virus Scan, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, and McAfee Privacy Service.

There are two main ways to get as your ISP provider. You can use their professional installation services, which can cost you an installation fee. Or, if you have digital cable services currently, you may be able to use their do it yourself installation. With basic understanding of how the process works, you can easily get online quickly.

In terms of cost, gives you several packages to choose from. Since these packages are designed to be regional, based on if the service is available in your area, you will need to request a quote for service. keeps prices low by helping you to bundle their services. You should also find out if they offer any options for business requirements. In terms of reliability, Comcast is a good company to count on. The only drawback for using them is that they do not offer service everywhere. You will need to insure this at the time of ordering service.

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