Service Matters: Who's the Most Reliable ISP?

Description: When you are running a business you will want to know that you are going to be there for your customers' right through the day, every day, whenever they need you. To do that you need to pick the right ISP, and that needs to be the most reliable one you can find.

Everyone who wants to use broadband for their own personal use wants to get the best service possible, but when it's for your own business then the reliability of your chosen service becomes even more pronounced.

Put simply, if your chosen provider keeps letting you down it will be more than just an annoyance - it could mean a major loss of business.

To that end it is important to find out what the most reliable ISP is for business services in your area. Remember that not all ISPs cover the whole country when it comes to providing specific services for business use, so it's important that you see what you have available to you.

When you are looking at reliability and uptime statistics, be wary of anyone who offers 100% uptime, since this is a virtual impossibility. There are bound to be problems sooner or later, however good the overall service might be. Bear in mind that you should be looking for a guaranteed length of time within which the service will be restored if it does ever go down, as this is a good way of comparing the reliability of different ISPs.

Verizon is a name which keeps cropping up in the reliability stakes, and they offer packages tailored towards both small and medium sized businesses. But it's also worth looking for those providers which offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9% - the next best thing to 100%. This should unearth the most reliable providers available in your area.

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