Those who have been using Interne service for a long time will definitely realize that is one of the leading providers or Internet service today. The company has taken many steps in the direction of advancing their services and products. They also are one of the largest and most reliable providers for both personal use and business use. In terms of cost, reliability and speed, this company is an excellent option for those looking for a new Internet service provider.

What Service Do They Offer? offers two main choices for you. First, you can choose to purchase unlimited dial up Internet service from them. Unlike other companies that charge you by the hour, does not. You do not have a limited on the amount of downloads or uploads you make either. The company is currently offering very low pricing on these plans including on the dial up package. With a first month free charge, you will pay just $9.95 per month for these features. They give you thousands of access numbers and email that comes with spam protections. There is no credit card required.

The other option offered by is their accelerated dial up service. Here, you get a faster service, up to five times faster for web surfing, pop up blocker, Norton Anti Virus protection and all of the features of the unlimited plan. The first month of service is free and every additional month is just $14.95 a month.

The company does offer DSL service in many areas. You will need to log into their website and search for the availability of DSL through in your area before you can purchase it. IF available, pricing is location specific. You will find very fast surfing rates through DSL, as well as a fantastic set up. The company has kept even their DSL rates low. In most areas, DSL will be able in several speed rates including 1.5 Mbps and 3.0 MBPS, with rates ranging from $18 a month up to $30 a month.

Another of the benefits you will find from is that they stand behind their products by giving you a 30 day money back guarantee on their services and products. Once you determine the type of dial up service that is right for you, log into the website to create an account and start downloading the service right on your computer. It only takes minutes to get your account set up and working for you. is a fantastic company for those looking for low cost dial up that is available in fast speeds. You will not find rates much lower in most areas. For those looking for DSL, is widely available in most areas. Pricing there is competitively based on your area, though. You may be able to find discounts depending on when you buy the service. Ultimate, the company is reliable and provides fast, low cost Internet service to those that need it most.

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