Onspeed.com Review

Onspeed.com is an ISP provider that provides some of the best options for Internet users. The company provides three main services: dial up service, broadband service and mobile broadband service, one of the fastest growing demands of the public today. As you search for the right Internet service provider be sure to check out what this company can offer to you. It is an ideal choice simple because it gives you plenty of options, and has a large and growing customer base of more than one million customers.

What Services Do They Offer?

Onspeed.com offers two main distinctions in the services that they provide. The breakdown is dial up and mobile broadband, or just broadband service. For dial up service and mobile broadband current pricing is set at $24.99 a year, which is highly inexpensive, compared to other companies. The good news is that their broadband service is also priced at $24.99. The features that each of these offers is different, though.

For their mobile broadband and dial up option, you can expect to get high speeds, often times up to 10 times the speeds with the mobile broadband service. This is excellent for most providers. In addition to this, you will get 8x faster GPRS/ HSPDA speeds on your laptop. When you secure this service, you will be able to keep your current ISP provider and phone line and you will have no contract holding you in. There are no ties to the company. Give it a try and if you do not find it to be the right option for you, Onspeed.com will give you 14 days to get a money back guarantee. The company is heavily endorsed including by Wanadoo, Pipex and BT. This particular service works with 3G dongle, USB, and Datacards.

ON the other hand, you may want only broadband service through Onspeed.com. You can get this as well. The speeds for this option are five times faster and increase your connections significantly. You will also see that it works on connections up to 2 MB in size. You can use this service to enhance any of the existing broadband services you already have in place. Onspeed.com's service gives you an accelerator of your choice of ISPs. In addition, just like the last plan, this one gives you a fixed rate for a year's worth of service. There are no contracts or ties to the company. You also get the 14-day money back guarantee.

Should you consider using Onspeed.com as your Internet Service Provider of choice? The company does offer a number of advantages including low cost (a year for this rate is very low) and it does give you excellent reliability as a whole. For those who are considering other providers, be sure to look for the speeds that are higher than this provider is, as there are some out there that may work well for you at a higher price. You also want to insure the company and its services are available in your area.

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