Review is a company that offer specialized services for Internet users. The company is a key tool to help you to keep costs down. To do this, they often allow you to purchase more than one service from them, in a bundled service. The company itself provides call plans for line rentals, web surfing with broadband service that gives you free weekend calls, and gives you mobile phone options. Pricing from depends on what you need. For their talk plans, rates start at ?8.99 a month, their broadband Internet service start at $13.99 a month and their mobile services start with contracts with a handset at $5 a month.

Who Is The Company? is a company that is part of the Tiscali SpA that is headquartered in Cagliari, Italy. The company gives you options including broadband, dialup service, telephone and just recently has added television services to their customers. The company is large, providing 1.7 million customers with service in the UK alone. In the UK, Tiscali UK (their UK affiliate) is the third largest provider of DSL broadband services. The company is a main telecommunication company within the entire European region.

The company provides internet access in both dial up and ADSL forms, including voice, media, value added services called VAS, and VoIP services. They are continuously looking for the next service or technology that will enhance the service their customers get. Overall, the company is well trusted and respected as a large, and growing, provider of high quality Internet services.

What Services Do They Offer?

Besides those that are already described, offers a variety of packages to give you the best features at the prices you need. For surfing, you can invest in ToucanSurf, which gives you broadband that starts at a very low $13.99 a month. This includes 512K broadband speed, with modem, free set up and free 90 day trial internet security with it. For those who want exceptional speed, upgrade to the 8MB option, which gives you, all the same options at 160 times the speed of dialup for $14.99 a month.

One of the best ways for you to save money when purchasing this ISP's service is to bundle their services. You should include your mobile phone, your television service as well as your home telephone. This is available in most areas of the UK, but you will need to check with the company prior to purchasing these plans.

Ultimately, is an excellent ISP provider. The company is well established and continuously is looking for new technologies to add to their already length list of provided resources. In terms of price, with broadband speeds continuously increasing, their 8 MB speed is an excellent option and should be your first choice from them.

There are no real disadvantages of working with over othr providers of this service. Do invest your time in insuring that it is the best rate available currently, as the other ISP providers in the region often compete to lower prices.

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