Careful:"Unmetered" Doesn't Mean "Unlimited"

Description: When you are considering what broadband internet service provider to go with, it can be easy to get blinded by the different types of offer available. Unlimited broadband sounds fantastic, but what does unmetered mean? Is it the same thing?

We've all done it at one time or another - fallen for an irresistible deal on some product or another which once we've cooled down and actually looked at it properly turns out to be less irresistible than we first thought.

The same thing applies to broadband. Unlimited access sounds wonderful - we can go online whenever we like, do whatever we like and download all day if we want to, without any extra charges or penalties being slapped on us for using too much bandwidth in the process.

So take a look at your broadband agreement if you have one. Does it say unlimited access? Or does it say unmetered access? Either way it doesn't really matter, since they both mean pretty much the same thing, which is that you can go online and do whatever you want, all day and all night if you want to.

But let's take a step backwards for a moment and look at those two words again. Does unmetered really mean the same as unlimited?

We all know what unlimited means - literally, ?without limits'. Unmetered is a little less clear. In truth it means that you can use the internet whenever you like. So, it's just the same as unlimited, yes?

Actually it isn't. With unlimited access you can have internet access all day and all night, and use the internet as much as you like. With unmetered access you are restricted to having an infinite amount of internet usage - but the difference between access and usage is a big one.

In truth you won't need to worry too much about unmetered access if you don't download large files from the internet on a regular basis. You might notice a difference if you do, however, since being on an unmetered plan doesn't mean you can download unlimited amounts of data.

It's a good idea to check with your internet service provider if you think you may be on an unmetered plan, since you might get a nasty shock if you have been downloading a lot of files and you exceed any limits they may have put in place. It's not uncommon for people in this situation to find they have to pay an extra charge for going over any limit that the ISP has put in place.

Unfortunately many people see the word unmetered and think that it means exactly the same as unlimited. In some cases (depending on the internet service provider and their own particular policies) it may mean exactly that - but you shouldn't assume it does without checking thoroughly first.

This is why it's vital that you don't get caught out by being seduced into a rock bottom price for your broadband internet. It may turn out that it's rock bottom for a reason.

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