Logoyes.com Review

Logoyes.com offers web design service in a fast and simple manner. The company specialized in customized logos, but also offers a range of features for those looking to create stunning and appealing websites. Those who are looking for high quality web design will want to request a free web consultation to get the process started, something you can do by visiting the company's website and requesting it. In minutes, the process has begun.

Who Is The Company?

Logoyes.com has been in the business for some time. The company was derived from the full service advertising agency Logic Design. That company had some of the top Fortune 100 Companies as clients, including Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, and Hewlett-Packard. The Logoyes.com company was founded by the designer and writing team of John and Elizabeth Williams.

The company provides a range of do it yourself products, including logos, to allow small businesses an affordable way to get started. They also allow for consultations with the professionals within the company, so that you get your say in what you are purchasing. The company promises to provide products and services that build a strong image.

What You Can Choose From

The company's web design service is not their primary product, logo design in. In fact they have a patent pending on the unique logo design process they have created in which you, the customer, can easily work through some simple steps to design the logo you need. Yet, their full service web design service is just as versatile and unique.

Web design services through Logoyes.com range widely. Packages with more designed pages, more features and with more graphics cost more. The company will work with you to examine what your needs are, including how you will use the website. They have created websites for all industries including corporate, industrial, and personal businesses. They specialize in helping the small business owner to do well.

Those who request the services of Logoyes.com to receive web design service will fill out a simple form which gathers your contact information. The representatives then contact you as soon as possible. They ask questions; gather your information and goals and then they work with you to create a quote that works for both of you. The company does not display pricing for web design services on their website, which makes it harder to know what the costs are for the various services they offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Logoyes.com

Logoyes.com is a one-stop shop for logo design; business cards and web design (get them together to save even more money.) They are a small company, which allows you the more personal touch you may be after. Their logo design process is simple and compact, allowing you to get just what you want.

The only disadvantages of Logoyes.com is their nonexistent web design information for you to choose from online. The consultation process may take some time and it is not as easy to compare your options in packages and costs online. Look for estimates that will include pricing and details directly after your consultation, though.

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