Templatemonster.com Review

At TemplateMonster.com, you can get easy to use web design solutions for just about any website need. The company provides website templates and flash templates, as well as other products that are ready made and easy to use. The company strives to provide customers with a fast, simply solution for creating a website. Each of their products is completely customizable and you can down load them right away. This company is straightforward and simple to use, a refreshing break from some others.

Who Are They?

TemplateMonster.com calls itself a leader in the ecommerce industry. They work to provide products and services that work conveniently for their customers. The company's main focus is one web design, but they specialize in affordability. When you visit the website, you can browse through their large library of websites available, which is supposed to be the largest online with more than 20,000 website template designs to choose from. In addition to this, the company works to add more each month, upwards of 450 to 500 a month.

One of the key benefits of TemplateMonster.com is that they provide you with a guarantee of no membership. This means that once the product you buy is yours, no one else is using it. You are not purchasing something from a members only area and in that you get a fresh, unique product that is all your own.

What Do They Provide?

TemplateMonster.com is a feasible option for those looking for web design. The process of using their website and tools is simple: select from the 12,500 or more website templates in their collection. Then talk to an online manager through 24-hour real time chat. Then, sit back and wait while the production process is executed and within a matter of hours, you will have a functioning, high quality website to rely on from day one.

In order to give you the best services and rewards, the company uses packages to keep costs in line. The lowest package is for those with a "Limited Budget" and runs about $380. You have customization and they will add your content to the website. The website is a five-page html template that is used. Their higher end options including the "Unique Design" package which includes five pages of html design, done from scratch to meet your needs and includes flash animated header and your content. This package runs at $1400.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Templatemonster.com

When working with TemplateMonster.com, you will notice you play an important part of the process. Their pricing is right along industry lines and they do give you a variety of other package options, with various features, as well as provide you with a range of resources to bank on.

As far as disadvantages, there are few to note. The company is easy to work with, though no over the phone conversations are used and your design may require that you provide your own content for each of the pages of the website. Still the company offers an extensive line of options to choose.

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