Elements Of Web Pages

Description: Once you have a good idea of the kind of web pages your site requires, you need to go on to look at the various elements which make up each page.

The elements which go to make up each and every web page available online are made up from several different areas. Firstly there are the HTML elements which decide how certain items will look. HTML will allow you to display your content in exactly the way you want to.

Next up you will need to consider the balance of text to images. Both of these are important elements of any web page, although if you could do without one it would certainly be the images element; they aren't necessary to be able to build a great web page.

Your text is always extremely important, and as such also contains several important elements all on its own. Title and heading tags will enable your web pages to be found, identified and indexed by the search engines, which in turn will bring you more traffic. Another important element is the presence of keywords through all of your text, to attract search engine visitors and generate more traffic to your site.

The visual elements are also highly important. Think about the typeface you are using and its size - is it easy to read on screen or would you benefit from choosing a more computer friendly one?

Space and form should also be considered. Don't cram everything together on one page; make sure you achieve a balance overall, and don't be afraid to have a certain amount of white space to make everything else easier to look at. Continue some elements through from page to page as well, such as a navigation bar and your business logo if you have one.

By organizing the different elements of your web pages in a methodical way, you will ensure that not only do your web pages look good, nothing will be forgotten either.

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