What Are The Advantages of Cascading Style Sheets?

Description: Why use cascading style sheets instead of HTML? However much you like HTML you might find you prefer cascading style sheets once you find out a bit more about them.

Cascading style sheets - otherwise referred to as CSS - enable a webmaster to decide how specific elements of a website and its composite web pages should be displayed. As its name would suggest, using CSS is all about deciding on the style of a website.

What's more, they can save a lot of time when the webmaster wants to make comprehensive changes to their site. Let's say they want to change the font being used, for example. With HTML they would need to go into every single page and change each one separately. CSS provides a much simpler solution - all the webmaster needs to do is change that particular attribute and the font will be changed on all the pages of the site. CSS gets rid of a lot of the needless repeating of tasks that can make using HTML so soul destroying at times.

CSS also creates a better experience for the website visitor. Because all of the style elements of a website can be decided from a single location or sheet, rather than having to be incorporated into every single HTML document, the web pages tend to load much faster, causing far less frustration for anyone waiting to view a particular page.

If you are intent on improving your search engine performance you might also want to consider using cascading style sheets. Their versatility means that you get to decide what the search engine spiders will see first when they visit your site. CSS allows you to make sure your content is seen before anything else, which can have a real impact on what information is shown in the search engine results.

While it may take time to get used to the new aspects of CSS, it's certainly worth persevering as CSS has many benefits to offer - both to the webmaster and their visitors.

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