Review call themselves "the next generation in dropshipping" but many users call them a great big scam. What is the real truth and how can you decide for yourself if Simplx is right for you? is a wholly owned subsidiary of Simplicity Group, LLC. Simplicity Group was founded in July of 2001 and incorporated as a Limited Liability Utah company shortly thereafter. They claim to offer some of the largest variety of drop shipping opportunities around. With access to millions of products, there is something for everyone and every store. ships with UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS depending on the size of the order. The amount of time it takes to get your orders can vary according to where they are coming from and how they are being shipped but importance to timely delivery is always placed.

Here are some things that claims to be able to do from their website:

  • Access to over 60 million products you can dropship sell through your eBay business or your own personal website
  • Receive automated drop ship services
  • Get name brand products
  • Get up to 65% off the retail price
  • Return policies are available from most suppliers
  • Manufacturers typically cover defects in their products
  • Expediated shipping is typically available

All of this sounds really great so why are some customers complaining? One big complaint from people who used is that it is so expensive. There are high costs involved and much of the information on dropshippers that is provided for that price could be obtained cheaper elsewhere. However, if you want easy access to all of this information in one place and it helps you boost your business or eBay career, then the high costs could be worth it.

It's not just the fees that have some people upset; but the justification behind them. One big complaint from users is that you have to pay money just to hear about the program and then you have to pay additional money if you wish to actually use the program. People claim expenses as high as $3,500 just to use the program. These high fees eat into any profits you might hope to gain from your drop shipping business and many users just don't think the high costs are necessary.

When you actually get down to it, isn't actually a drop shipper at all. Instead they are a company who partners with some of the world's biggest suppliers to offer you wholesale and drop shipping opportunities. You are essentially paying to become a member and get commissions from their own products that they sell. You're not getting the products directly from the drop shipper themselves.

If drop shipping for your business is what you are looking for, then you may want to seek other options than However, if you want an easy way to make some extra cash without the hassle of having your own products or real life store, and you can afford to shell out the cash needed for the sign up process, then Simplx might be what you're looking for.

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