How Do I Get A Job In Web Development?

Description: Computing and the internet have become ever more popular in recent years. Web developers are in constant demand, which makes it a great career to go into.

There are two basic choices available to you if you want to start a career in web development. The first is to try and get a job with a company that is already established (either a company that develops sites for other people or who wants someone to design and keep on top of theirs), and the second is to set up business on your own.

People tend to come to web development in one of two ways. Some people go to college and get a degree in a relevant subject, learning the required skills from the ground up. Others learn what's needed by themselves, gaining practical experience by attempting to design and build their own website before going on to developing other sites for people they know.

While some companies like to see qualifications on a piece of paper, it's arguable that the best thing you could present to a company is some experience. It depends on the company of course, but if you can create a portfolio of work that shows you have a deep understanding of what's required when it comes to building and designing websites, you will certainly have one foot in the door at least. Some people believe this approach could even put you ahead of those people who have qualifications but no practical experience to show.

Perhaps the best way to find a wide range of jobs in web development is to do an online search. Many companies now advertise their positions online, and while they tend to attract a huge response there are also plenty to apply for. Don't get dejected if you don't succeed, just keep on trying. You should also consider registering with relevant agencies who can help to identify particular areas and companies that you might be suitable for.

It might sound obvious but when you are applying for a job make sure you include all relevant information on your application. If you build websites as a hobby and get involved with computing in other ways tell them this too - it can give you the edge over someone who just wants to do it to earn a decent living.

Of course if you intend to set up your own business then you won't have this particular set of problems. You will need to show you are capable of doing the job however, and it's very much to your advantage to create an online profile that highlights your specific set of skills. Think about what sets you apart from everyone else.

It's also not enough to set up a great whizz bang website and hope to blind people with your expertise. Most people will appreciate someone who is down to earth and can connect with them in order to discuss what they want and what you can do to help them.

If you'd rather get a job with an existing company it will still pay you to design and build websites for other people in your spare time while you are job hunting. Not only does it allow you to develop your portfolio and add experience to your resume, it also means you'll be keeping up to date with any new developments in this area - which can only make a good impression during your interview.

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