Does It Matter Where My Web Host Is Physically Located?

Description: The main point to remember when you are deciding which web host to select is what kind of service they can offer you. But should you be considering their location as well?

When it comes to choosing a web host their location isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind.

But it's something that you should bear in mind because it can have an effect on the service you receive.

The most important factor of any web host's service is the quality of that service. You need to know that your website will be available for the largest amount of time possible, and that the web host has a good track record in keeping things up and running.

The actual distance between you and your web host is not usually a problem as far as speed and reliability is concerned. What can be a problem is contacting the web host if you do experience any problems. That's why it can pay you to look at the time difference between your location and that of your web host if you decide to opt for one that is run in another country.

If there is a large difference - let's say your country is eight hours ahead of that in which your website is hosted for example - then your website could be down for several hours, which could have a pronounced effect on your sales if your website is designed to make you money. This is the one reason why lots of people decide to host their website in their home country - they can get help much faster for any technical problems which may occur.

If it is a choice between an outstanding company in another country, or a mediocre one in your home country however, you would always be better off going for the first option.

Some people are concerned that if their website is hosted from another country, their search engine rankings will suffer as a result, but there is no strong evidence to support this.

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