Does It Matter What Operating System My Web Host Uses?

Description: Surely all web hosts are pretty much the same? The truth is very different - read on to find out why.

If you only have a three or four page personal website then you probably aren't too concerned about what operating system your web host uses. The question probably hasn't even crossed your mind.

But if you own an in depth business site that earns you money and that you are updating and tweaking every single day, then the answer to that question might have some relevance for you.

Basically speaking there are only two main types of operating system used by web hosts. One is Unix and the other is Windows. Unix was the original operating system and so many people are more familiar with it. It is also generally more reliable. Windows has its fans but also its detractors; it is not considered to be as secure as Unix.

Another name you may have heard of is Linux, which is actually a relation of the Unix system, along with several others including FreeBSD.

It's obvious that everyone wants their website to be up and running and accessible all day and night if at all possible - after all that's what you pay your web host for. This is especially vital if your website gets a high volume of traffic and can lose hundreds of dollars for every minute of downtime your web host experiences.

Given the fact that Windows operating systems are generally less reliable than Unix ones, it makes sense to choose a web host that operates via a Unix operating system. Because the system costs the web host more to run, you will in turn be charged more for being hosted on one of their servers, but as with most things to do with web hosting you get what you pay for - and in this case the peace of mind you will get from knowing you have that extra degree of security will pay you back a thousandfold.

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