Review is a good option for those looking to find keywords to use on their website. The company provides you with a convenient, simple and accurate tool to help you to steer your search engine optimization, affiliation programs and niche choices. Unlike some of the free keyword tools, this particular one gives you added benefits and provides you with a range of unique tools to analyze what the search reveals. There is a cost to using but the cost may be minimal depending on what you need and how you will use this feature.

What Are They Offering? provides you with an online keyword research tool. This tool is as simple to use as possible. You simply type in the keyword you wish to learn about and within a few seconds you have results. Once a subscriber to the service, you are able to make as many searches as you would like in this way. The goal is the same: determine which keyword is best for your website by finding out what people are searching for under your topic.

In addition to identifying the keywords that your competitors are using, you can also learn about the long tail reports often needed. Anyone that has a working search engine campaign needs to use this tool to help them further their keyword selection. It will identify the competition out there for the keywords that you search for. For example, you need to know what keywords others are using in their similar to your own pay per click campaign. Within seconds, you can tailor your campaign around those keywords so you do not fall behind. provides you with the ability to look up 130 million plus keywords and websites, from around the globe. You will not have to download any software to your computer, which is helpful. Some programs similar will require that you download the software that is often riddled with spam and adware. There is no need for that here. Once you log into your account, you can use the software online without additional cost.

The tool allows you to create watch reports, which will help track the websites, and keywords that you wish it to. The product then provides competition reports, which can give you the leg up, by providing you with the keywords that may be missing from your current reports. Finally, it provides you with the long tail reports that many Internet professionals believe is key.

The only downside to using for your keyword research is the cost. Though low, at $39.00 a month, or discounted for annual subscriptions, it is an investment into your business. Users of have found it to be one of the most reliable and updated software programs available. To give it a trial run, you can visit their website and search a term in their free trail box. This only allows you one keyword, though will provide you with a report that is usable and easy to see the benefits of having.

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