Link Exchanges

Description: Links are a huge part of getting higher rankings within the search engines. One way to achieve those all important links is to go to a link exchange.

Getting links to your website is an all important part of boosting your search engine ranking. While link farms should be avoided at all costs, link exchanges are a good way of getting other websites to link back to your own, and some of the websites offering these services are available to use for free.

Link exchanges are basically a type of reciprocal linking service, but they focus on providing high quality links that are relevant to whatever type of site you have. For example, if your site is based on the subject of classic toys for young children, you might decide to trade links with forums aimed at young mothers, information websites giving advice to new mothers, and so on.

You can also make a point of exchanging links with websites that have a higher PageRank than yours does. While relevant links are better than non-relevant ones, two or three links to your site from those with a high PageRank will be worth far more than lots of links from sites with a low PageRank.

Some link exchanges are free to join, and you generally have a large amount of control over your account once you are a member. You can take a look at the websites that are listed in the same category as you and decide which ones you would be happy to be associated with.

If you want to find out what PageRank these websites are, there are free tools available online that allow you to check this. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website you want to find the PageRank for and wait for the result to be displayed. All you need to do then is exchange links with the sites that have the highest ranking.

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