You know the name and you can trust it. That is why so many people turn to At & T for their Internet service provider needs. is a great place to find out what the company can offer for you, too. As a leader in the communication industry, At & T has lead the way with new technologies, affordable pricing and packaged options. Where this service is available, you will find it to be one of the best priced and more complete Internet service providers available. Definitely take the time to find out if they have what you need.

What Services Do They Offer?

One of the first things to consider about is that they have many options to choose from. You are not limited by the size of your budget either as many of these companies are offering you low cost solutions to your Internet needs. Firstly, the company offers a number of options in speeds. The two most common choices you can choose from are DSL and dial up Internet service. DSL is available in various types, including those that are 100 times as fast as dial up Internet access service. Currently, the company is offering this service for below $30 a month. You can also get a slower version of this company's DSL plan called the DSL Standard Plan, which is only 50 times faster than dial up but costs you under $20 per month.

For dial up service from, you can expect to pay under $23 per month. Unlike other companies, though, their dial up service does not have a time limit on it. You have unlimited dial up access to the Internet through their products.

One of the best ways to save on your Internet service provider costs is to bundle your services together. With, if you live within their service areas, you could be able to substantially cut down the costs of your communications products. They offer wireless, Internet, and home phone. Wrap up two or more of these into one plan and you will save substantially on the costs. also provides you with more options in their additional services. You can purchase At & T Prepaid phone and calling cards that keep prices low when you are not at home. Also, consider their local toll service, their AT & T Relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing, their Traveler services, which provides you a fast Internet connection when you are on the road, and their Military service, giving those in the military a way to stay connected overseas. For those in Alaska who are seeking service, check out At & T Alascom.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

There is a lot to be happy about with this company's product. offers yo reliable service and definitely offers a good price. While it does not provide you with any antivirus protection, the company does provide you with a range of additional features to consider. Overall, they are a good choice.

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