What's the Fastest Connection for Business Use?

Description: If you are looking for an internet service provider to take care of your business, you'll no doubt want faster and more reliable services than you receive from your home internet provider.

It goes without saying that business owners who rely on the internet in some way need to know that their service is going to be reliable. They can't sign up to a broadband connection that keeps dropping out or doesn't offer them the highest possible quality and service, since a poor service for them can mean a poor service for their customers.

So how can you compare providers to check that you are getting the fastest service possible?

Firstly you should bear in mind that a fast broadband connection isn't the only thing that's important when it comes to thinking about your business's internet needs. You should also think about what using a shared internet connection can mean. If you have a shared connection it has a tendency to become slower and the advertised Mbps (mega bytes per second) rate won't be as impressive in reality.

In short, if you want the fastest connection possible for business use you need to be looking at using a dedicated broadband connection. In this case, the word ?dedicated' simply means that you won't be sharing it with anyone else. That means you don't have to worry about everyone else jumping onto the same connection you are using and slowing everything down.

In this case a T1 or T3 connection will give you the fastest service, since it is dedicated to your needs. These connections mean your bandwidth is your own, so it will always offer the fastest access you can have - you will never be restricted or slowed down because everyone else is using your line as well. The actual speed will vary between companies - as will the price - so look round before making your decision.

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