There has been a lot of talk about the ISP provider The company was known for many years by their large sale ad promotions, but this could be a good provider to work with if you are looking for affordable, highly reliable Internet service and access. Depending on when you sign up for this service, you may be able to get a great discount on it. In many cases, the costs are very low to start with. It is not unheard of that you would receive 50 percent off the cost for the first few months of service, though this does change from time to time.

The Services You Get

When you work with, you will receive an excellent assortment of services. This includes giving you unlimited access to the Internet. Unlike other companies that limit you in terms of downloads or hours, you have unlimited access as long as you make your payment. Additionally, if you currently have AOL service, you can keep your Buddy List and your AOL email with them, but still get your internet service from The company providers all users with email virus protection, spam controls, pop up blockers and more access numbers than their competitor AOL. You will be able to check how many access numbers are available to you right on their website before purchasing their service.

You can choose the type of service you want from Unlike other companies which give you only one option, with this company you can choose between two main choices. Their most common service is the PeoplePC Unlimited Package. Here, you get three full months of unlimited Internet access through their company for just $5.47 per month. After that time, you will pay only $10.95 a month, still a very low Internet access fee.

You can also choose PeoplePC Security Plus as an option. Here, you get the company's Internet security pack. This gives you PC virus protection and spyware protection through your ISP. It also provides you with a safe to use firewall. The company also throws in a free accelerator. The cost of this service is $15.95 per month. is a part of the EarthLink Company. They provide high quality Internet access to through the PeoplePc brand. The trademark of this company is low cost yet reliable Internet service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

You should consider using for your Internet service provider. There are other companies out there, such as their direct competition with AOL, that gives you free Internet access, but at a price. With, you get the added benefit of PC virus and spyware protection, which is worth the investment in, and of itself. The company is well rated and reliable, which is something that should be considered.

Look to this company for Internet service especially for low cost options. The service is available in most areas of the country. Prices will change from time to time; check with current rates before choosing one option.

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