The Ultimate Choices: T1 and T3 Connections

Description: There are almost more types of broadband connection available than you could ever want or use. Most people are happy with the basic home targeted connections that are available, but for the bigger users there are the T1 and T3 connections.

Every internet user has different requirements when it comes to getting online and more importantly getting the level of service and access they need. This is especially true when it comes to business users. ?Even though the majority of us would find it at least mildly annoying if our internet connection went down and we couldn't check our emails, we wouldn't lose any money over it. For business users it can be a very different story.

That's why T1 and T3 connections are offered - to make sure that businesses can pay to receive a service that won't slow down or drop out at inconvenient times. It needs to be a service that is always available and dedicated just to that particular business, which is why the T1 and T3 services work on dedicated lines which aren't shared by any other users than those already working in the business.

For the small business, a T1 line is adequate enough to ensure that all their needs are met. It can work just as well for a home business as it can for a business working out of a rented location.

A T3 line is really reserved for the biggest businesses which have lots of employees. Think of it as being similar to a cable broadband service, but far more superior. A cable service allows lots of cable users to go online using the same cable as other people. The difference is that with a T3 line, all those other people will be in the same company, and there will be far more in the way of bandwidth to go around, ensuring that speed and efficiency is not lost.

In short, T1 and T3 broadband internet connections are the cream of the crop, designed for internet users who cannot afford to experience any downtime.

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