Reliability: Which ISP Has the Lowest Downtime?

Description: Whatever you use the internet for you will know how frustrating it can be to lose the connection from time to time. The more downtime you have the less reliable your ISP becomes. That's why you need to find the best one possible to fit your needs.

There is nothing more annoying than continually losing your broadband internet connection, whatever reason it may be due to. You are paying good money to receive a service, and if that service isn't living up to expectations then it may be time to move to another internet service provider.

There are two big winners in the downtime stakes, where the lowest score wins every time. Verizon FiOS wins as far as the home services are concerned, providing a superior service and coming out on top in a survey conducted just a few months ago.

Not only do they provide the highest uptime score out of all the companies mentioned, they also managed to fix their problems in super quick time when they do occur, meaning that you really do get an outstanding service for your money.

But there is another possibility worth considering if you have your own business and you need a reliable provider that is virtually always online and connected. The answer in this case is Cogent Communications, which has labored to provide the best service possible to businesses all across the country, doing so at an impressive price as well.

This company is designed more for the advanced business user however, and Verizon does provide services for business users - especially those who are smaller in size and therefore don't necessarily need as many services - so you may still want to give preference to Verizon.

In the end you need to consider your needs and then choose the company that has the best uptime availability for the lowest price, which is available in your area.

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