When you visit for your web design needs, the first thing you will notice is the most important thing: simplicity. The company's own web design is simple to use allowing you to skip over the flashy sales pitch other companies offer. In many ways, this allows you to see just how well your website can translate once it is put in place using the skills and features this company can offer.

The company, Amity Designs and Solutions, helps you to build your website. What is unique about this website is that it is a simple web design process that really delivers the punches. Here is how the process works out:

  • Determine what your domain name will be (they can offer help if you need it)
  • Choose from their wide selection of amazing professional web designs based on your needs, tastes and goals
  • Personalize the design which allows you to create images, products, services and information that fits your website's needs
  • Then, pay the monthly fee. Currently, this fee is set at $17 per month.

As you can see, web design is simple. Do not expect them to provide you with thousands of new options to choose from, but do expect high quality and dependability. There is no set up fees, domain registration fee or hidden charges to pay.

Another benefit to working with Amity Designs and Solutions is that they will give you a ten day free trial to get started. All you need to do is to let them know you are unhappy with it. Yet, their designs are so well done that most people find the process to be just what they need. Their design and build program allows a website to be designed quickly, without a lot of time investment.

The company specialized in ecommerce business websites as well as personal, even family, websites.

Features To Look For provides more than 30 features that you can choose from are part of their monthly payment. This includes a web page; ten text with image layouts that you can change from anytime you would like to. They give you a links page, a photo album, a variety of multimedia products including uploads of ebooks, using a variety of formats, and custom feedback forms with drop down menus, multiple choice and text boxes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

In terms of web design, offers high quality and easy function. The company is simple and family owned which gives you that personal touch. When working with a web design company like this, though, you need options, which you may be limited to here.

Another area to carefully consider is the cost. A small website is fine to run at the price provided, but as larger website, one that will be a permanent place for your business or information may become more expensive in this format. Consider pricing out options depending on the type of use you will have for the website.

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