What Are The Trendiest Color Combinations?

Description: We all want our websites to stand out for the right reasons. In this sense color can be a big success or a major failure, depending on which ones we choose.

Firstly, let's examine the meaning of the word trendy. It doesn't, as some people think, necessarily mean something that is ?in' and popular for only a short amount of time. It can also refer to something that is always trendy.

Website color combinations range from horrific to beautiful - but they are always important. So which ones should we be opting for?

It's a fact of life that some colors go well together and some shouldn't even be in the same room. White backgrounds will always be preferable to any other color - especially when you are displaying text on them. Black text still rules the roost.

Blue is a strong color which can work well on any website, but the combinations you choose will depend on who your website is aimed at. It's a fact that certain colors appeal more to certain people, so bear in mind what a certain age group would find trendy, rather than the world in general.

The trendiest combinations to go with are those which complement each other. If you look at a color wheel, complementary colors will always appear opposite each other.

When combining two or more colors together on a website, consider how people react to each color individually. You don't want to give a mixed message by using red and green for example - green being a naturally calming color and red meaning danger.

As far as the web is concerned, there are no real outright winners when it comes to picking trendy combinations. While every now and then we may see a rash of websites which insist on using luminous colors to get our attention, they tend to be too garish to stick around for long.

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