Do I Need To Know Html to Develop Websites?

Description: If you're not a web designer you'll probably find the idea of html quite daunting. But is it a necessary thing to understand if you want to develop your own websites?

Html is used to make all kinds of web pages. Regardless of whether you have a website which consists mainly of text, or your site contains moving images and plenty of graphics, html will be responsible for what you see when the page loads - from the overall layout to the words that appear in bold.

If you are relying on a web designer to put your websites together then you certainly don't need to worry about how it's done because you have someone there to do everything for you. But the cost of buying this service can be prohibitive for some people, and if you fall into that group you may need to know a certain degree of html in order to create your own websites.

The amount you need to know depends on what kind of hosting provider you select. Once you have your domain name and hosting package organized you will be able to explore the tools they give you for creating your own site.

Many of today's providers have website building packages that make it easy to build your own site - and you may not need to know any html to do it. If you have no knowledge at all try and go with a provider that offers this kind of easy to use service.

You can also buy ?website in a box' type products that make websites accessible to the majority of people by using ready made templates and modules to allow you to build your site from scratch with no previous experience or knowledge of html.

With that said however, it's advisable to try and learn some degree of html at your own pace, because it will allow you to do even more with these packages and ensure your site looks individual and unique. The trouble with many do it yourself website design packages is that they don't allow for much individuality, and this is where even the smallest amount of html knowledge can make a big difference.

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