How Do I Validate My HTML Code?

Description: If you are designing and creating your own website - or simply making changes to your existing one - it's important to know that you are using the correct HTML to perform the actions you want. Learn more about validating your code here.

Regardless of how good you are at using HTML, everyone makes mistakes at times. One simple error when you're using HTML can result in a web page that looks very different from how you intended it to.

This is why validating your HTML code is so important. Even if you check the coding you have created yourself, there is a real chance you could miss something vital. Validating your HTML code by another means is clearly essential if you want your website to look exactly how you intended it to.

Fortunately using an online based service to validate your HTML doesn't have to cost a cent. There are several reputable validation services available that you can use at any time to check you are on the right track. Remember that it's not just essential to check your work when your website is initially launched; any changes you make to the HTML run the risk of containing errors, so you should do it after every single one.

Some downloadable text editors also provide a validation service as part of the software itself. Again many of these are available to download free of charge. Even if you don't often use a text editor they can be useful to have access to for this very reason.

In short there is no real cost involved with validating your HTML code. The only cost could come with not doing it, as mistakes can be costly. Not only can even the slightest error result in lost sales for you, it can also result in potential customers having a poor impression of your website.

That's why it's worth looking for a validation service that you find easy to use and implement, and will do so at regular intervals.

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