What's Next In Web Hosting?

Description: Web hosting is constantly changing as everyone who offers it tries to give their customers a better service in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Just as the internet develops with each day that passes, so web hosting goes the same way. New technologies and ways of beating the hackers look set to carry on into the future.

But the future of web hosting doesn't just lie in the continued development of the quality of its services in a technical sense. As more and more options become available to webmasters and more and more web hosting packages are offered, it is becoming increasingly vital that web hosts make sure their customers are satisfied.

This will be an increasing trend when it comes to the future of web hosting. Just as people are no longer sticking with the same bank, the same mortgage or the same energy provider for years on end, they won't be staying with the same web host for extended periods either.

This will make the push to offer better and more reliable services even more important. It could be that offering a handful of specific packages isn't enough any more; different webmasters have different needs after all, and even those who have low volumes of traffic to personal sites won't necessarily require low bandwidth as a result.

Think about the personal site of a photographer that has access to lots of images and graphics for example. This will use more space than a personal site with the same number of pages that is mainly text based.

The truth is that while ?one size fits all' packages may never become a thing of the past, they may provide just the starting point for a whole range of services that every web host may eventually provide. Web hosting services that are tailored to the individual could be what defines the best web hosts from those that are merely average.

A company's track record also counts for a lot. Well established web hosts will want to capitalize on their position by continuing to look at ways in which they can serve their customers better. Just as banks are making it easy for customers to switch their banking to them, so web hosts are increasingly making it easier for webmasters to switch the hosting of their websites over to their servers.

Everyone knows that switching web hosts is not a straightforward process. It needs to be done in a certain way and with perfect timing to ensure that minimum disruption is experienced. The problem is that not everyone has the depth of knowledge they need to be able to do this on their own. There are plenty of stories about webmasters who have lost good Google rankings because they didn't transfer their site properly.

Some web hosts are now taking an active role in helping webmasters transfer their sites. They know that by doing this they are opening themselves up to more business.

The fact that people without the knowledge to move hosts safely are now becoming increasingly able to do so - thanks to forward thinking web hosts - means that every web host has a responsibility to offer the best service they possibly can to their customers, especially if they want to keep them for the long term.

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