The concept of is simple and highly effective: know what the other guy is going so you can at least match it, but preferably be able to beat them at their game. It works. The company offers a range of unique features that lets you know what is happening online at your competitor's website, which is highly helpful for those in pay per click programs or just looking to better their search engine optimization to top their competitors. Depending on your goals and needs, invest in if you want to better the next guy and need a bit of an edge to help you to do it.

About The Company is a web analytical company with some two million US Internet users that give permission to analyze their web pages. The company boasts being the only online competitive intelligence service giving the everyday Internet marketer the tools they need to compete. Compete Inc is their parent company. Their services are unique in that they provide Internet marketers more than just what the average web user is doing by looking at what the marketer's competition is doing.

The Services They Offer offers a range of services. It is advisable for you to choose those that will work for you, as you may not need to use all of them to get the impact they can bring. Here is a rundown of some of the best features found on

  • Site Analytics: This service gives you information such as the websites traffic history and competitive analytics. It provides a list of the promotional codes found by thousands of online retailers.
  • Search Analytics: This will help you to choose keywords to help you to increase traffic to your website, to show problems in your current search strategy and to help you choose the right terms to invest in. Best of all, it keeps track of your competitors performance in these areas.
  • Referral Analytics: This looks at traffic referral and destination traffic and data. Can help you to identify new competitive threats and works well to provide you with information on where your visitors go once they leave your website.

There are a handful of other provided options, too. This includes ranked lists (the most popular websites across the Internet), Blog (which gives you information on how people use the Internet to find the sites they need,) and Tools (giving you the ability to use any of the products through your desktop.)

The tools offered by are excellent for those in any form of Internet marketing. As you consider using them, be sure to think about how they directly impact your business. You may not require the purchase of all of them to see results. Pricing for is one of the disadvantages (the fact that it does charge for some services.) On the other hand, it is free to sign up as a registered user, which gives you some of their services free of charge. It is definitely worth the time to sign up to get started.

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