The company offers help to the internet marketing business people in a number of ways. It provides free web traffic to website owners and affiliates of various websites. The traffic received is targeted, and therefore more likely to generate revenue for the business owner. The company also offers their free service to bloggers and those with personal websites. In order to get involved in their service, you simply need to register with the company. Once you do, you get to surf the web and then get the free traffic you need. It sounds easy, but does it really work? provides you with a unique situation. First, you do get free traffic, which is nice in this day and age. You also get free advertising as part of the process. This too is a good option for many website owners who are looking for the least expensive way to get started. The membership to the company is free, too. With this, what do you get, then?

After you register with, you will receive what the company calls loyalty points. To get these, you will need to surf the web as they instruct you to. With these loyalty points in hand, you can then redeem them for free website traffic to your website. You can choose which website this traffic is sent to. The process of setting this up is simple to use. The website you list will reflect the relevant search engine results right after you have registered there is no wait time.

The main benefit of using a website service like that offered by is that it allows you to focus your marketing dollars and the money you will invest towards your pay per click programs or your search engine optimization methods instead of having to use it for other marketing to get traffic to your website.

There are some excellent reasons to use this tool; of course, the fact that it is free to use is the best reason of all to do so. The process is simple to use and it only takes a short amount of time to get the process started. Once you sign up, just plan to make your entire web search through their website so that you will earn additional loyalty points.

The company's goal is to help eliminate the costs of getting ranking and optimization for you. The more searching you do, and the more loyalty points that you earn, the higher you will be on the search results. Those who rank the highest will be able to be listed as number one. Surf and search pages will earn you the traffic you need. You also get bonus points for signing up.

Should you use to increase your traffic? You definitely can, as there are no reasons not to. This does not mean you should not focus on optimizing your website and using other ways to increase traffic too. The key is to work at using as often as possible otherwise you will not rank well in their results.

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