Review is a company that operates a pay per click search engine. The company also provides a search engine marketing solution that is comprehensively designed to aid your business goals. In short, the company's pay per click search engine lets advertisers bid on keywords for positioning in the search results. The advertisers receive targeted clicks from's network of search publisher programs. The process is fairly simple to use, which is a plus. As an advertiser, you will create site titles and descriptions then bid on the keywords of your choice. From here, you can manage your account easily to know where everything is working, or not working, for you.

Looking a bit deeper, you should know what the company's Search Publisher Program is. This program allows on the most qualified content sites, search engines and directories to distribute their advertiser listings. As a partner, you will implement the search function. This is done through a fairly simple implementation kid. Then, share in the click through revenue. The revenue comes from website visitors who use the search function and from there click on the paid listings.

The company does not provide exact information on the number of searches and clicks they receive, which makes it difficult to compare what numbers you will get using It does state that the network is large, made up of hundreds of "high quality content sites, directories and search engines" which should give you an idea of a large network. They also do state that they do get millions of searches, which result in millions of qualified clicks to the advertisers each month.

In terms of benefits of choosing over other websites, there are some benefits. First, the company is part of the larger ValueClick, Inc network, a public company. The company works hard to manage the database of only the most highly qualified companies and advertisers. They play an active role in insuring that the needs of their partners and advertisers are meet. They work to optimize revenue opportunities. They also provide a good amount of depth in their search results. This comes from their unique database as well as organic listings from Teoma, multiple fees and AskJeeves.

In order to be part of the program, you will need to have a quality website and adhere to good content standards. You should have a domestic user base and will need to meet ongoing traffic quality standards. The company requests that you supply your information through their contact form to learn more and to find out if your website qualifies.

The company's minimum CPC is 0.05 and Search Publisher Programs are paid at 50 percent of the bid amount on the valid, approved clicks that come from the company's listing. Partners will receive payment when they reach a minimum of $50.

Overall, is a high quality company with excellent results. Take the time to consider how they program compares to the one you are using now. You may find it easy to implement this service.

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