Adding Hyperlinks In HTML

Description: Learning how to do basic tasks in HTML is vital if you are going to have a user friendly website that looks good as well. Hyperlinks are particularly useful for several reasons. Read on to find out more.

Although HTML is generally a simple computer language to learn, it can offer you some great possibilities when it comes to designing how your website is going to look.

While hyperlinks don't really affect the appearance of your site, they are an excellent way of making your pages more user friendly, and you can also drive more traffic towards other destinations. These can be other pages on your website, affiliate links, or simply other websites that you want to draw attention to.

Hyperlinks are very easy to create. All you need is one line of HTML to make them work.

Let's say we wanted to turn the words ?one line of HTML' in the above paragraph into a hyperlink which led to the URL The basic HTML to do this is as follows:


All you would do is replace the indicated words with the correct information, which in this case would look like this:

<a href=>one line of HTML</a>

For any other example on your own website you would simply insert your own information instead of that which can be seen in the example above.

The hyperlink would then appear in the finished web page as an underlined word or words, which visitors to the website can then click on if they choose.

The hyperlink works best in any of the following ways. You can mention a specific website and make the title of that site clickable; you can literally use the words ?click here' if you really want to draw attention to your link; or you can write about a subject and make relevant words into a hyperlink. For example if you were writing about the subject of HTML and you wanted to link into a page which had a tutorial on it, you could make the word HTML or tutorial (or both) into hyperlinks to direct people to the information they need.

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