AnHosting prides itself on being a recommended service of many open source web projects ranging from blogging software and CMS to ecommerce solutions and more. With the power to provide your web site with a 99.9% uptime supported by their money back guarantee, AnHosting lets you steer your web site into the online forefront.

AnHosting Web Hosting Plans
Hosting Plan Platform Disk Space Transfer Email Accounts Price
MEGA-PLAN Windows 500 GB 5000 GB unlimited $6.95

AnHosting Overview

AnHosting provides new customers with hosting plans consistent with their competitors. New hosting plan offers will increase or decrease as the market dictates with hosting prices continuing to hit rock bottom super-affordable rates. What you will notice with AnHosting however, is that they have been in the hosting game for over seven years with a developed support system to take care of their customers and any technical issues that may arise.

AnHosting was purchased by midPhase in 2005 and is now under their corporate umbrella, lending even more credibility to the AnHosting brand.

AnHosting is reportedly the largest host of independent blogs, hosting tens of thousands blogs, and growing. They have won, list and display twenty current customer service and support awards spanning the hosting industry.


All of the AnHosting accounts come with the Cpanel management system for easy web site control and maintenance. Using the Cpanel software you can easily install popular applications or create and edit new email or FTP accounts with just a few clicks. AnHosting has a Demo version of their Cpanel software that you can access through their website and see just how simple creating new sites, and maintaining an existing web site really is.

As with many of the hosting providers in our list, AnHosting does provide a money back guarantee with a promise of an uptime of 99.9%.

You have the freedom to create unlimited MySQL databases and use of the powerful PHP5 scripting engine. You can host multiple domains and sub domains, which are all handled through the Cpanel software. If you are as much of a control freak as we are, then you will also enjoy the very simple backup software that comes with each account for convenient and mega fast archiving of all your files.

AnHosting is also making available to you an Affiliate Program that gives you the opportunity to create a little side money by simply suggesting their hosting service. Earn between $85 and $100 per referral and become a web hosting tycoon, or simply make your own hosting account virtually free.

Customer Support

There are several ways to communicate with AnHosting customer support. The most common method of communication is through the help desk or email for technical assistance. You can also call them using their main phone number, although you will get quicker assistance through the 24/7 monitored help desk ticketing system.

When making your decision to purchase a hosting plan, you will have an additional option for communicating and getting more questions answered using their Live Sales Chat feature. You can also call or email them - however the online chat feature gets you near-instant results.

The Live Chat feature does have the option to select Support as a department you wish to connect with, however they only have minimal support capabilities via this tool. Moderate to advanced technical difficulties should be handled through the ticketing system which will keep an archive of any ongoing problems, and a record of any existing issues while they are being fixed.

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