Great AJAX Tools

Description:AJAX seems to have a bright future when it comes to building better websites. Read on to find out about some of the tools you can use to really make the most of this application.

It's becoming more and more important - now that we are deep into the days of Web 2.0 - that websites can interact with their visitors instead of being displayed to them like books, where you can turn the pages but pretty much do nothing else with them.

AJAX - or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, to call it by its pedigree name - has a vital role to play in all this, because it's an application which makes lighter work of interacting with your visitors. What's more, it does it all in the fastest possible time, instead of keeping people hanging around waiting for the page to refresh.

As with any kind of technology in the computer and internet world, there is a never ending stream of updates, improvements and tools which are constantly being released to make using AJAX that little bit easier.

The great thing is that most of the best AJAX tools are available online and can be accessed instantly. The Stripe Generator is one such example. This allows you to create all kinds of striped backgrounds to your web pages. These can be as subtle or as garish as you like, and the AJAX tool itself is extremely easy to use. There are plenty of other AJAX tools around which work on a similar principle, allowing you to create foreground and background colors and schemes that work well with the structure and content of your website.

But while some AJAX tools are purely to help with the decorative side of the site, there are others which have a more practical use. There are also file and image manager tools which give you greater control and access to your files and images, enabling you to use and organize them much more easily than you might be able to at the moment.

You will find that there are a good number of AJAX tools which have been designed for the purpose of making an existing task easier to perform. This is certainly the case with image editing tools, which let you do what's needed to the images which need to go on your site quicker and easier than you could before.

It's also worth looking out for AJAX tools which use a certain combination of applications which appeal to your own strengths. For example there is a tool which does away with JavaScript during the building of your own AJAX applications. It's really a question of looking at what your own needs are, and seeing whether someone has come up with a way to make those particular AJAX applications easier to handle and use.

Over time you will build up a store of AJAX tools that work well for you and which meet your website's needs. Techies are always coming up with new and improved versions though, so do a Google search every now and then to see what's new. Otherwise you could be missing out on another time saver.

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