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Description: With so many web hosts trying to sell you web space and bandwidth, how do you know which ones are the best? Read on to find out.

Opinions on which web hosts are the best vary. This shouldn't be surprising as everyone who uses the services of a web host has different requirements and different ideas of what a web host needs to provide for them.

But if you are on the look out for a web host right now, check out some of the US web hosts below, who consistently offer an outstanding service to all their customers.


This company has performed at the top of the table when it comes to server performance. They proudly host over a million websites and offer a comprehensive selection of hosting packages to suit every webmaster. So if you want shared hosting or a dedicated server all to yourself, HostGator can help.

They have also taken plenty of steps to make transferring from another web host easier than ever - and if you've tried transferring before you will know how fraught with danger it can be.

Their shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest around, and yet it comes with an array of benefits that will have you believe you're paying for something more substantial. They boat 99.9% uptime and they don't claim to offer unlimited bandwidth.

Take a look at their website and you will see why they have won so many awards.


A more basic looking site than HostGator, but it is equally as impressive. Their hosting packages cater for virtually everyone and are extremely comprehensive. They also offer Yahoo and Google credits to get you started with promoting yourself online.

They don't claim to be the cheapest but the service they offer is more than worth the hosting fee. There is really no such thing as a basic plan with BlueHost; every single one offers a huge range of features that will please almost everyone, regardless of whether you have a small personal site or a huge ecommerce one.


Lunarpages offers eight main hosting packages at fantastic prices to suit everyone. Their hosting plans page lays them all out side by side for you to consider, and it's easy to compare them to see the level of hosting you need for your site.

They also offer dedicated hosting and private servers should you need them, and can even design your site for you. This provides the ideal solution if you want to get online but you don't have the knowledge to be able to design your site yourself.

They also have an excellent support section, including FAQs and phone numbers for help, plus a support ticket system you can use at any time.


This hosting company makes it easy for you to get started with them, regardless of whether you are totally new to web hosting or you are looking to transfer from another provider.

They now host over a quarter of a million domains, and every single package comes with a host of add on features that some other hosting companies only include with the more advanced - and thus more expensive - options.

They have been in business for over a decade, which in itself stands for a lot in the ever changing world of the internet.


As with all the above hosts, VistaPages are honest about what they provide. They don't claim to have 100% uptime, instead claiming the next best thing - 99.9%. They also say they never outsource to other companies, and their round the clock customer service means you will never be left waiting for help in the unlikely event that you need some.

They also offer a Live Assistance service on their website, which makes it easy to browse their hosting plans and ask any questions you may have straightaway. They cater for everyone who might want a website, from the smallest concern to the biggest site which makes thousands of dollars a day.

With a reliable track record and a knack for helping their customers, VistaPages are one of the top web hosts available today.

There are of course plenty of other web hosts available too. But it's important to consider your needs and then look for the host that will meet them in the best and most consistent way before you make your choice.

Don't forget - the price of the plan isn't always the final point to make you choose. Consider what you are getting for your money before you opt for the hosting package that's right for you.

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