Wireless Connections at Broadband Speed

Description: There is no doubt that wireless broadband has distinct advantages over connections that rely on cables and satellite dishes. Could a wireless high speed connection be of benefit to you?

If you are looking for a more versatile internet connection that still offers high speeds, then you will need to look for a WISP. That is the acronym given to wireless internet service providers, and they come in many shapes and forms. That's why it's worth looking at all the internet service providers you come across, as most of them will offer some kind of wireless broadband - at a price.

If you want to get wireless broadband, you will need a laptop which has a network card in it. Most modern computers have them already fitted, but even those that don't can usually accommodate them if they are not too old. Check your user manual to see whether you will need to buy one or not.

Once that is fitted and you have got your wireless internet access all set up and provided by your chosen internet service provider, it's literally a simple matter of getting the network card in your laptop to recognize the wireless connection (it's simple because it's usually done by way of an on board ?wizard' that locates the signal and does all the hard work for you) and you're online and surfing the net in no time at all. Make sure you have the best network card available though, as having a more basic one will mean that your internet connection may not be as fast as it could be. In this sense the wireless speed that is available can only be as good as the equipment on which you are receiving it.

It all sounds quick and easy, but is wireless broadband really as good as wired broadband?

In actual fact wireless speeds are comparable with your regular cable, DSL or satellite connections. This makes it a service worth having if you are constantly on the move and need to stay in touch with your emails or online clients.

As with any type of technology there can be downsides however, and the main downside with wireless internet access is that if you are a significant distance from the tower that is transmitting your signal, you aren't likely to get a particularly good service. This is one aspect worth checking out before you take the plunge and get rid of the wires - it seems that wireless can only be wireless for a certain radius from that all important tower.

The wireless broadband services now on offer are getting better almost by the day however. This is a very competitive business, and the internet service providers know that the company which can provide the best quality wireless broadband will get the lion's share of the business.

There is no doubt that wireless broadband will become more prevalent in the future, as advances in technology make it more reliable and faster than it is at present. Hang on for the ride - it could be faster than you think.

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