At first glance is one of the most well structured and easy to use websites for web design you will find. The company is designed to provide you with a range of unique products and services that may meet virtually all of your needs in web design. Their long list of services provided includes website design and hosting services, ecommerce and shopping cart design and use, merchant accounts, web utilities, graphics and flash animation plus much more.

Who Are They? is a full scale web design company. The company is a privately held New York based company once doing business as Now the company has extensive experience in their field with top professionals. The business is headed by a team of professionals who are experts in the field themselves. They provide tools and resources to people around the globe. The company is small, hands on and allows you to get the results you need and want quickly because it is such a personal experience.

Services Offered

The company has put together a simple, three step method to get your website up and running through their service. The first step includes choosing a web address and domain name. The company then goes to work for you building a website that you have determined fits your needs. They also offer hosting services for you as well, so that you get everything you need in one place. Hosting services are as low as $4.99 a month with personalized email addressed. There are a variety of hosting plans to choose.

The websites they design can be fully customizable tools including all content, photos and product listing you need. The company's president, Thomas J. Allen, handles all website requests. He is a top designer and works from his home. He, making the process very specific, personally handles all of the website design requests. The time line for an average website is about 3 to 8 days.

Pricing for is done per project, based on what services you need and even your budget. Rates range from $75 per new webpage, and then $13 for any webpage that is updated through them such as adding buttons and links. In order to find out how much a website will cost you, you will need to request an estimate through them directly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of is a fun website in itself, which should show just how beneficial this company can be to your own business. From ecommerce websites to small family websites, they have everything you need and the skills are there. You can browse through their portfolio to learn more about their past clients and see the work they have completed.

The only disadvantages you may find through this company is the inability to have a personal one on one conversation with the head designer. Most communication is done online, which works in most cases. Ultimately, their rates are low and affordable but the best way to go is through a customized estimation determined by your specific needs.

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