Adobe Dreamweaver

Description: If you are intending to design and create your own website, Dreamweaver is something you might end up using.

To build web pages you need some web development software, and one of the most popular ones available today is Adobe Dreamweaver.

While websites can be built completely by hand, many people simply don't have the knowledge or the time required to make this a possibility. For them a product such as Dreamweaver makes the whole process much easier, as much of the hard work is taken out of the process of actually coding your website. If your knowledge of HTML is somewhat shaky, then you will find it easier to use a dedicated web development tool like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe, the creator of this tool, has updated it regularly over the years since its first release in 1997 in order to make it compatible with new technologies and web programming applications. The emergence of CSS for example (cascading style sheets) has been acknowledged in the recent release. Each release has also tried to make the program more user friendly.

As with all applications there are both advantages and disadvantages to Adobe Dreamweaver. The advantages are plentiful - it has made website design accessible to more people, and makes lighter work of the whole process. The main disadvantage is probably that it's easy to become lazy and not learn the ins and outs of HTML and other scripting languages to understand how they really work.

This particular web development tool is extremely versatile however. It can save time by not making it necessary to write code yourself, but you are still given this option should you want it. This means that everyone can use it exactly the way they would like.

Adobe Dreamweaver recognizes that everyone has different needs when it comes to building their own website. Websites that rely heavily on the use of images will need to use the appropriate graphics packages to achieve this purpose, and Dreamweaver will work in conjunction with these.

In short, Dreamweaver is a user friendly tool that web developers all over the world are using every day. If you are thinking about taking on the challenge of designing your own website, then Dreamweaver will get you started on the right foot.

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