Introduction to JavaScript

Description: If you are gradually finding your way around the world of web development, sooner or later you will come across JavaScript. If you want to make an interactive website that draws in more visitors, it's worth learning more about it.

If you've been reading about the process of creating websites for any length of time you'll no doubt have heard of JavaScript. While you may understandably be hesitant to learn about any new web development tools, JavaScript packs quite a punch and it is worth delving into what it can do for you and your website.

In basic terms it's a language used in the scripting of web pages. It doesn't replace HTML as a way of scripting a web page; instead it works in conjunction with it, fitting in with the existing HTML code and adding extra elements to each web page that it is used on.

You may have heard of certain websites having ?dynamic content' on them - well JavaScript is one way to add that content. Dynamic content refers to any content which is capable of changing to meet a specific user's needs. Social networking sites make good use of dynamic content when interacting with their users.

One of the main benefits of using JavaScript is that it doesn't matter what browser you or your visitors are using. This means you can use it confidently, knowing that your site won't encounter any problems if it is viewed on a different browser.

Within JavaScript itself you will find a number of applications. New and different applications are being created all the time so it pays to keep up to date with the latest developments if you start using JavaScript to enhance your web pages.

JavaScript can be used for more basic but site enhancing features as well as more complicated ones. For example you might use it to ensure that an explanation appears should the visitor hover their mouse over a certain photograph.

Alternatively you can use it to create forms and more involved elements of a website, such as allowing people to sign in. In short it can control the variables of a website.

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