W3shoppingcart.com Review

W3ShoppingCart.com offers you an easy to use eCommerce shopping cart. These shopping carts are placed on your existing website. The process of installing them into your website is simple and straightforward. Anyone planning to use this type of software will want to consider why this product, in particular, is a good fit.

The W3ShoppingCart.com provides you with the ability to do more than some types of software. You can sell an unlimited number of items, including tangible products and digital goods. You can also ensure the ability to take secure payments for the services you provide. The shopping cart software works with virtually any type of payment method from any website. It also provides you with several currency options including the US Dollar, The UK Pound Sterling and the Euro, not to mention many more.

What Services To Expect

When you work with W3ShoppingCart.com for your shopping cart needs, you get a huge list of features. For example, there is no need to install software on your computer or website. The software comes with 256 bit SSL security built into it for added protection. You also can generate robust online order reports, customer email marketing lists and easily apply promo codes. Adjusting pricing is simply done as is adding products with or without photos. The software provides you with an instant order notification email and provides unlimited product categories or items.

Some additional benefits including customized logo and color design of the shopping cart, the ability to sell digital and tangible goods, and to use plug in shipping methods.

In terms of payment options, there are several options with W3ShoppingCart.com to consider. First, you can take credit cards securely online using an Internet merchant account with Authorize.net, Linpoint, Paypal, or Your Pay, as well as each of the various versions of Paypal. You can also take credit cards securely online without using any of these online gateways by logging into the system, retrieving the number and then manually entering into your credit card machine. You can also set up the system to allow you to make payment arrangements outside these parameters.

W3ShoppingCart.com is an excellent tool for most people. One of the nice additions with this software is that it is so easy to install. Simply sign up for the shopping cart, enter basic cart setup information through the company, enter the products and photos you wish to include and then copy the HTML into the website you already have set up. This allows the process to work. For unlimited products in unlimited categories, you will pay $24.95 per month, automatically charged. For up to 50 products in just one category, you will pay $14.95 per month, automatically.

The only drawbacks for the W3ShoppingCart.com can be the cost since you will be paying a monthly fee. Still, compared to other products available, this product is less expensive and does provide you with unlimited service. Many find these to be the best option available. Compared with others, this shopping cart works well.

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