W3sitebuilder.com Review

An option you have for building, managing and promoting your website is W3SiteBuilder.com. The company markets their products based on how easy they are to use and how quickly you can set up your website. This is true, though it does help to have some basic experience with building websites to streamline the process.

The key benefit to using this website is that it offers these services free of charge, for the most part. People will enjoy using this software because there are no HTML codes to know and you do not have to have a degree in graphic design to produce a professional, good looking website. To work through the process you will simply follow a set of steps, called wizards, to help you to set up each of the parts of the website. The wizards you select are those you wish to incorporate into the website, not ones you do not need. This helpful, simple structure is quite refreshing when you consider some of the more expensive and over the top products out there.

Who Are They?

W3SiteBuilder.com is a company that's part of the W3Now.com family which provides web hosting, custom web design, affiliate marketing programs, ecommerce programs and online shopping carts. This particular website tool will work well for those who do not need a custom designed finished product. Instead, it will provide you with a straightforward, basic website.

What Services Do You Expect?

The company promises that the method of building your website using their tools is as simple to do as browsing. The process is managed by a set of easy to use website wizards. You will move through the process to create the website you want based on the features that are available. Some of these include the Welcome Page Wizard, the Form Wizard and the Flash Wizard.

Then, you can use an MS-Word Like Tool, called their WYSIWYG HTML Editor to help you to create rich HTML content that is easy to do, and you can use images. You do not need HTML experience to build these pages. You will choose from more than 15,000 professionally designed webpage templates to use for your website. You can create customized flash intro animation if you would like to and setup a complete online shop. Create a customized form, blog, banners, and footers. You can use any of your custom images or logos for your website, too.

Other features include:

  • Search engine optimization help
  • Upgrade ability for more features
  • Photo retouching and editing
  • Moving your web pages anytime you want to
  • Change the design and layout in one step

W3SiteBuilder.com is an excellent, full service company to get your website up and running. You will need to be hands on in doing this task, as it is a free program without a lot of customization options (other than choosing from thousands of options.) Additionally, you may want to pay a bit more and go with a custom designed website, especially for the larger business.

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