Stop searching around for the reliable and professional web hosting services, trust to the choice of real experts in hosting industry, we really have tested hundreds of web hosting providers and their services. We have tried their packages starting from shared web hosting plans to dedicated web site hosting packages. If you search for the experienced web page hosting provider, stop by Easy CGI web hosting company. Are you interested why? We are here to answer your question and we are going to give you the real evidences.

EasyCGI has different web hosting packages for people seeking shared hosting solutions, providing more than enough data transfer and diskspace backed by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. If you desire to have a stable website within no time you get it only with the help of the reliable web hosting provider - Easy CGI. Read our independent hosting reviews on Easy CGI and you will find out why other webmasters trust their e-commerce and personal web pages to EasyCGI.

Easy CGI web hosting offers professional Windows based hosting "packed" in 3 hosting plans: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced. The most "seductive" is Basic with its low tariffs and extended features.

EasyCgi Web Hosting Plans
Hosting Plan Platform Disk Space Transfer Email Accounts Price
Advanced Windows 350 GB 3500 GB 500 $7.96
Advanced X2 Windows 500 GB 5000 GB 1000 $15.96
Advanced X4 Windows 750 GB 7500 GB Unlimited $21.96

EasyCgi Overview

EasyCGI, an established New York web hosting provider, founded in Year 1998. With close to seven years in the web hosting industry, their 6000 customers based is considered very small if measure up to to other fast growing hosting companies. EasyCGI doesn't fool its clients with empty promises; this web hosting provider really fulfils its duties. The web site hosting company quickly gained popularity shortly after starting business, offering only quality shared hosting services during the first 16 months of operation, and became recognized as a reliable host. Due to high customer demand, the company began planning expansion of its web hosting services for the following years.


With the latest upgrade, the basic hosting plan provided by EasyCGI has increased to 100 GB of disk space and 1,000 GB bandwidth (up from the previously 6000 MB disk space and 150 GB bandwidth). Through various partnerships of leading companies in the software and due to hard and professional work EasyCGI has evolved as a central source for solutions in the hosting field. Presently ranked among the top 5 hosts in the world, housing over 2000 servers, and hosting over 100,000 domains, the company seeks to continue to do what it does best: deliver reliable, high quality shared hosting with exceptional support.

With this upgrade, this has put Easy CGI into one of the best hosting providers in our web hosting services review. In addition, EasyCGI basic plan offers not only common hosting features such as CGI-BIN, php, SSI but also many windows features such as ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, 50 MySQL and Microsoft Access. With EasyCGI basic plan, you pay only $7.96 per month. We have already analyzed various web hosting providers, their hosting plans and prices on them, so trust our choice this company is not the cheapest one, but it really provides quality web page hosting solutions.

Customer Support

EasyCGI customer support is considered mediocre. Its toll free phone support 1-866-327-9244 only available from Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. But when we tested their email support, they proved to response promptly and friendly.

Data Center

EasyCGI is moving their data center to a new facility at Blue Hill Plaza in Pearl River, New York. The new facility boasts a 15,000 square foot data center with 500 KW generator and 125KVa UPS. They use Dell Power Edge servers with 3.0GHz Xeon processor and 1GB server memory running on Windows 2000 operating systems. Since their headquarter office and data center is located in the same building, EasyCGI has direct physical access to their facility. Therefore, they have full control when the problem arises, so that you can have peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Easy CGI hosting offers also reseller programs. Easy CGI web hosting reseller tariffs are very easy. You simply get a significant discount for amount of packages purchased. The more packages the larger discount you get. You can reseller Easy CGI hosting plans you bought at any price you like and get a profit. It's simple. Take a look:

  • 1-5 packages purchased - 20% discount
  • 6-30 packages - 35%
  • 31+ packages - 50%

All of the Easy CGI web hosting plans are enabled to support multiple databases: MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC. Features Easy CGI hosting offers no extras in its hosting plans features. This Easy CGI review summaries what Easy CGI hosting offers are features and budget balanced. Medium web hosting instruments for average prices is what Easy CGI hosting offers.

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