How do you tell some hosts apart from each other? When it comes to MidPhase, its all defined by their Guarantee! Since they first started, midPhase has been creating the ideal hosting experience and hosting platforms with a single common goal, to maintain a reliable web site hosting service.

Going beyond the hosting promises and looking at historical data, midPhase not only offers a 99.9% uptime, but they deliver on that promise.

MidPhase Web Hosting Plans
Hosting Plan Platform Disk Space Transfer Email Accounts Price
Mega-PHASE Linux Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited $7.95
Pro-PHASE Linux 999 GB Unmetered Unlimited $11.95
Windows Windows 10 GB 750 GB Unlimited $9.95
Windows PRO Windows 15 GB Unmetered Unlimited $14.95

MidPhase Overview

MidPhase is a large web hosting service provider staffing more than 75 employees and servicing over 120,000 customers, each on a custom level of service. MidPhase is located out of Chicago, and thriving in the heart of the cyber community.

When midPhase designed their products, they did so with the average small business in mind. What do small businesses want in a web hosting account you may ask? To begin with, to be able to build a website and set up email without paying a designer to do it for them. Many small businesses need a helping hand to guide them, and midPhase is well-equipped to take them by the hand and march along side them to the finish line.


MidPhase delivers on so many levels. To begin with, they deliver on their promise to provide top shelf customer support with a highly trained technical and customer support staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact these real live people by phone or email and get your questions answered, and any hosting problems solved.

MidPhase can't NOT offer the 99.9% uptime guarantee, since their infrastructure and network have always delivered on the promise of these high standards. All of this is proof positive displayed in real-time on their status blog where network issues or maintenance is recorded for examination and reference.

One step further than promising your success is the promise to return your money if you are not satisfied. How can anyone argue with that? Some hosts just are not compatible with some web site owners. If you are web site owner or developer who enjoys downtime and server issues, then you may want to continue looking for a different host than midPhase - the midPhase money back guarantee is never evoked by any of their thousands of customers.

Go beyond regular shared hosting and step into a more controlled environment with Virtual and Dedicated hosting plans. These plans come with the same money back guarantee and uptime, with a reliable method for your small business web site to take better advantage of the midPhase high-speed network and state of the art servers.

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